The Secret Code of the Heart

For many years, I bought into the belief that the mind was the most powerful part of us.  Like many as they begin their journey, I got caught up in trap of thinking that whatever I could want badly enough would come to pass.

But "something funny happened along the way...".

It didn't always work.

In fact, the more I wanted, the more frustrated I felt.  So, thinking that I was "doing something wrong", I figured I wasn't "motivated enough", not "focused enough" or some other notion that had to do with something I must have been doing "wrong".

Maybe you can relate...?

And that premise - the one that says:

"I need more, and I don't have it yet, and everything I've tried hasn't worked - so there must be something wrong with me" a recipe for failure and suffering.

But there was no way my mind could accept this.


Because the mind doesn't want to hear that it can't have something or that it's doing "something wrong".

It took a few years, but in time; I began to question some of the assumptions my mind was habitually making...

(and I discovered there were quite a few   : - )

One major thing I learned was that nature of the mind is fear.  Because it's very language and the way that it operates is based on the belief that it feels separate.

This separateness is what causes all of the pain we experience in our lives. And our norma reaction to what we feel separate from is be fearful of it.

If you were to make a word formula that makes it easy to understand, it would read:

   Mind  = separateness

   Heart = Oneness

Or in terms of manifesting,

   Mind =  "How do I get more"

   Heart =  "It's already complete - thank you..."


What's ironic is that we fear the very things that can help us the most.

But the mind's worst fear is letting go of control.

The Secret Code of The Heart

There's a Secret code of the Heart that's in every one of us - right now.  It's simple to understand - but because of years of conditioning - it feels difficult to apply in our everyday lives.

The Heart I speak of isn't the physical organ - it's much more than that...

It's the very nature of your Soul.

And it guides you and gives you the love you need most throughout your entire life.

In order to access this "Heart Energy", there's a "Secret Code" that's required.

But the funny thing is it's not really a secret...

It's the mind that *thinks* it needs the code.

All that's required is that we let go of our preconceptions and beliefs of how life "should

be" and step in the Sacred Space of the Heart.

As long our intent is to "get more" or continue with the subtle resistance to what "is" in each

moment, the Heart senses this "polarized intent" and will not allow access.

But when your intent is love, Oneness, peace and support for humanity, and all life, then

it "lets you in" the moment it feels your Pure Intent.

This is the reason why some many people don't get what they want - because they're not tapping into their most powerful energy Source - their Heart.

The simplest way to access this Pure Intent and access your Heartwaves is through meditation.

But for many of us, our lives are a bit too busy to sit for long periods of time to feel the

benefits of meditation.

That's why I created Clear-Mind - to give you the ability to "let go" of the mind and tap

into the power of your Heartwaves. And it does it in minutes...

When you trust your Heart - and let it guide you - instead of letting the mind keep you

on the "Island of The Known", you'll have a Source of energy and inspiration that

will astound you.

Let today be the day you tap into the true essence of your Heart and allow your mind

to "go on vacation"


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