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Discover profound insights into your life's purpose and the pursuit of passion in our latest video. Learn how to start each day with clarity and inspiration, identify barriers hindering your passions, and overcome limiting beliefs.

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Here's an overview of the video:

How to begin your day, feeling clear and inspired (3:20)

Why most people never find their purpose in life parentheses (5:40)

What prevents you from discovering your passions and purpose (6:30)

How to find the limiting beliefs that stop you from living your passions (7:18)

What are the biggest causes people don’t live their passions (8:03 min)

How today could be the day when you began to live your passions and purpose (8:36 min)

How to find what brings you joy and passion (9:33)

How you feel determines your passions and purpose (10:30)

How to get past self judgment, and excuses to live your passions (11:05)

The moment that changed my life forever (12:54)

How to find your “internal compass“ that guide you to your life purpose (13:30)

How your purpose becomes your “true north” that guides your life (13:50)

How to redefine the meaning of purpose in your life (15:05)
(this can be THE Game Changer for you!)

The three core reasons why you need a purpose in life (16:02

How your purpose is like a beacon that guide you in your life (16:30)

A powerful exercise to help you experience your passion and purpose (17:30)

Why the mind stops you from living your purpose (18:57)
(and why your heart is the key to realizing it)

Why surrender and letting go are the KEY to realizing your passions in purpose (19:30)

The link between money and following your passion (21:30)
(This can be the VERY breakthrough you’ve been looking for)

Why doing what you love and the money will follow is NOT a myth (24:30)

What does passion + purpose equal? (2456

Why your Heart is the key to living your passions (24:40)

Why over relying on your mind separates you from your passion and purpose (25:30)

The 3 biggest myths of living your purpose (28:45)
(any one of them can stop you in your tracks)

The 3 biggest struggles of living your purpose (30:49)

The #1 emotion that stops you from living your purpose (31:47)

Why your fear of failure is the latent passion within you waiting to be expressed (33:27)

The three part formula for living your passion and purpose (35:50)

How the things that you love to do point the direction of your purpose (37:03

Why, your Heart is the key to realizing your passions and purpose (38:21

The core issue let’s stop people from realizing their passions (42:16)

How to stop money from controlling your life (42:40)

How your life life is like a treasure map that guides you to your passions and purpose (43:40)

Paul Bauer

With more than two decades of experience, Paul helps people transcend the limitations of the mind and accessing the boundless treasures of their Hearts. In a world where the mind often takes center stage, Paul Bauer's guidance has empowered over 10,000 individuals to discover the transformative power that lies within their Hearts.

He's the author of The Serenity Program, The Secrets of Manifesting and Clear-Mind and provides personal coaching and mentoring to people who want to free themselves from the pain and limitations of the past and step into their authentic selves with love, abundance and joy.