The Real Purpose of Negative
Feelings and Emotions

Following up on my last message called "The Game Changing Moment"...

About 20 years ago, I remember reading a book and it shared the life changing premise that behind every negative emotion or experience in our lives, there is a positive intent.

And when I read that, it was almost like it was the perfect moment for me to hear that wisdom. Because all the guilt, resentment and blame that I felt for all the challenges in my life, literally we're pulled from my shoulders. And I thought, wow, if that's true, that every negative feeling or experience in my life has a positive intent, then I'm free.

And what if you knew that to be true for yourself? In other words...

What if life is far simpler than mind makes it?

What if everything in your life that pulled you away from your center had positive intent behind it? Because now you've become aware of it. Now you seek that truth within yourself.

"A perception into the deception

Now you begin to find why you created the negative event or allowed a negative thought or "mind virus" into your life. And you begin to have that kind of awareness. You begin to have as Vernon Howard called, "a perception into the deception” - the deception into what goes on in the inside of you. Now you realize that you are the driver of your life, not the victim of it.

So these negative feelings are actually messages from your Higher Self. They are opportunities for you to grow. There are opportunities to move forward in life. And yet most of us take those negative emotions, feelings and setbacks as something that stops us. In the last 10 to 20 years of my life, especially with some of the incredibly negative events that have happened to me (my life partner passed away, business fell apart, near bankruptcy, emotional setbacks to name a few...).

And I stepped back and just said, “There's something very powerful going on here!"

"My mind does not understand it but my Higher Self was guiding me through the whole process” and I just surrendered. I let go because I knew I didn't know what the complete truth was. I only saw the effects of it. I saw a piece of it but not the whole picture. And now my Higher Self guides me and I know it can guide you as well to listen through the darkness or the negative energies and find the truth behind it. 

"Why did I create this in my life?"

If that began to be the mantra for yourself or another way of saying it is what's the gift in this?  - you will then transform. It doesn't matter how strong the negativity shows up in your life. You'll find the truth in the peace and the light behind it, and those messages, those negative feelings or emotions, are going to be lessons for your growth and now is the time.

Now's the time for this Great Awakening to rediscover our truth, to awaken to our own knowings within us.

There is knowledge that you learn with your mind and through books and programs and all sorts of experiences, but the real truth is within yourself and there's no teacher that can teach you anything new. That teacher can only help you rediscover that which you know about yourself. Deep down you will find Serenity and peace and joy within yourself. 

“There's no teacher that can teach you anything new. They can only help you rediscover that which you know about yourself.”

May you have the courage and strength to look within and find the real gifts of any adversity that show up in your life.  And may that gift remind you of your Divine nature.


Paul Bauer