"How You Can Move Beyond the Limits of Western Medicine to Reverse Aging of Your and Body Without Surgery Or Drugs"

And I want to show you how YOU can heal - no matter what you've been told

Dear Friend, 

If you want to heal and revitalize, and turn back the clock on the aging in your body, what you’re about to learn can be a game changer for your health and longevity.

Hi, my name is Paul Bauer, and for years I had perfect health (I’m not exaggerating). I played competitive hockey for 40 years. But after the death of my wife, my body started tightening up. I experienced tremendous pain in my hips and legs. I went to all kinds of specialists, therapists and healers.

My Wake Up Call

Then I got the shocking diagnosis.

The cartilage in both of my hips had completely degenerated. I remember the day my doctor showed me the x-ray. I was simply stunned. After having virtually zero physical challenges for the first 60 years of my life, that diagnosis floored me.

So, I set out on a mission to heal and restore my cartilage.

I consulted the best orthopedic doctors, tried a dozen body therapy techniques that all looked great, but never dealt with the actual cause. I was spending thousands of dollars on appointments and therapies that were getting me nowhere. And no one knew the cause.

In fact, many gave me just the opposite!

I was told things like:
   "It will never heal."
   "The osteoarthritis is too advanced, nothings going to change that."
   "Just get a hip replacement, and save yourself the trouble."

Was I shocked at their ignorance of how the body can heal?  Not really.

But what amazed me was what a regenerative medicine doctor told me.

Over HALF the time, they're WRONG!!

That doctor showed me that I DID have cartilage left - and in very little time, it began to heal. 

The Breakthrough

Then, after doing some deep emotional healing sessions, I discovered the real cause. And after that point, my body started to regenerate. Then I went back to one of my regenerative medicine doctors with my newest x-ray.

The news he had for me that day was like an incredible ray of sunshine in a dimly lit room. He told me “Paul, you’ve got new cartilage. Whatever you’re doing is working, so keep doing it!” My hips felt better than they had in over five years!

My pain dropped through the floor, and my ability to move normally was restored. And I want to share the breakthroughs that I learned to help you heal your mind and body!

Because it’s more than possible...

And I want to show you how you can do it too!

The Three Levels of Healing

In our culture, the conventional approach is to focus only on the physical.

But if you truly want to heal your mind and body, the best way is a comprehensive approach that combines the physical, emotional and energetic levels. So, instead of focusing on your symptoms, you get to the cause of what's creating your symptoms and heal them - right from the root.

Remember When You Were Young?

When you were young, if you experienced an injury or any kind of physical challenge, your body healed at a fairly rapid rate. Remember when you could jump through the air and fall and not even get injured?

Back then, your body had billions of stem cells and healing factors that self-healed in just days. Without any doctors, drugs, or therapy.

But as you aged, those stem cells and healing factors diminished dramatically. In fact, by the time you hit 50, your stem cells dropped to less than 50% of what you had when you were young.

But, what if aging isn't the problem...?

What if it's something simpler?

Awakening The Healer
Within You (Aging In Reverse)

No matter how old your birth certificate says you are, deep within your cells is a healing force that not only created them, but knows exactly how to restore them back to a normal healthy state.

Because it's the healing force that's in every living being..

And you have access to that same healing force to regenerate and restore your mind and body.

You've never been separate from it. Perhaps a little distanced occasionally, but it has never left you.

And now its time to re-connect with it, and re-energize your mind and body.

A Simpler Way...

Now, there’s all kinds of “biohacking“ websites, and anti-aging ideas. There’s so many it can be dizzying with the amount of supplements that they suggest that you take each day. The cost of that approach? Well over $500 - $1,000 a month (and that could be a conservative estimate!).

The problem for many people is that you can pile on the supplements, and still completely miss the energetic disturbance that’s creating your physical issue!

The approach that I will share with you is far less expensive and includes a much deeper energetic approach. What I mean by energetic is the energy that creates and heals your body is what you want to pay attention to.

In other words, we don’t focus on just the physical level because the physical level is the LAST place that aging and disease shows up.

This distinction is KEY!

Said another way, by the time it becomes a physical issue, it has already affected your subconscious, emotions, DNA, and energy field.

The New Regenerate and Restore Club

The Jumpstart for Restoring Your Health and Vitality

When you join my Regenerate and Restore Club, you will learn:

  • An incredibly powerful daily meditation that helps you revitalize, regenerate and restore your mind and body (this is NOT your normal meditation - it's an ancient practice that's been proven to activate your energy system and revitalize your mitochondria, telomeres and stem cells)
  • Ground breaking emotional and energy clearing techniques to open up your energy and awaken the healer within you
  • Cutting edge supplements to optimize your mind and body. (You’ll be blown away by the improvements in energy and vitality experience with these supplements., and the cost is less than you expect)
  • Special energy techniques that help clear blockages, and open up your vital life force energy
  • An array of life enhancing techniques to restore your body (like infrared sauna, red light therapy, cold therapy, fasting, etc.)

It All Begins With A Simple Decision

You’ll learn a comprehensive approach to heal your mind and body:

  • Physical 
  • Mental 
  • Emotional 
  • Energetic

Together, you’ll experience a synergistic cascade of benefits. We leave “no stone unturned“ when it comes to the regeneration of your mind and body.

Here’s some of what you will receive by being a member of the Regenerate and Restore membership club.

Here’s What You Get In The Regenerate And Restore Club

1. The Core Meditation Process

An amazing meditation process that revitalizes your entire mind body energy system. When you practice on your own, you are going to get tremendous results, but when you practice this powerful meditation with our group, your results will dramatically increase.

2. The Release Process

For clearing and releasing stuck emotional patterns, beliefs and traumas. 

3. Serenity Breath process (Advanced)

For centuries, the masters have practiced powerful breathing techniques to revitalize the mind and body. Expanded serenity breath process dissolves stress, rebalances your nervous system, and strengthens your resilience threshold. 

4. Weekly Group Meditation Sessions

Each week, we will have a group meditation where we will practice the core meditation process together. To what's called the "Synergy Effect", the results that you will experience in your energy and healing process will accelerate beyond what you could do on your own.

5. Weekly Q&A Calls to Awaken the Healer Within You

These sessions are not afterthoughts. In fact, they are some of the most important parts of our club because each question opens up a new field and possibility for you and for all our members. So, as each of us asks questions, we explore the new possibilities for healing and regeneration.

6. Paul's top 10 supplements (to increase your mitochondrial energy, lengthen telomeres and activate stem cells)

My clients and have tried literally dozens of different supplements over the years. Some are good, some are not effective. I will share with you the ones that are the best that can help you restore and regenerate your body.

7. Paul’s Powerful Cleansing and Renewal Program

In order to have a healthy and vital mind and body, you must have a cleansing and renewal program to allow your body to heal down to the cellular level. I will share with you a simple cleansing and renewal program that will help you feel young again.


An incredible special bonus - My New Stem Cell Activation Process (SCAP)

With this amazing process you'll activate your latent stem cells that you can apply to heal whatever part of your body that needs it most. This amazing new process can save you thousands of dollars in therapies and treatments.

The Serenity Program (with groundbreaking Serenity app)

The benchmark program that helps you get into your "zone of genius" and then state of flow. It all comes from your Heart - there is magic within you my friend. Are you willing to release it and let it become real?


Simple, fast and effective flexible move




  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen


Simple, fast and effective flexible move




  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

The Regenerate and Restore Club

  • The Core Meditation Process 
  • The Release Process
  • Serenity Breath process (Advanced)
  • Weekly Group Meditation Sessions
  • Weekly Q&A Calls to Awaken the Healer Within You
  • Paul's Top 10 supplements for Youth and Longevity
  • Paul’s Powerful Cleansing and Renewal program
  • The Serenity App
  • My New Stem Cell Activation Process

$0 for 14 Days then $97/month
(Cancel anytime)

I am honored to be of service to you and look forward to helping you revitalize your energy and youthful vitality!




Q. Is your membership just about healing the physical body?

A. Great question. Since the mind and body work in unison, whatever issues you have in terms of challenges, obstacles emotional struggle, heart break, etc. all can be addressed by the focus of the healing from within club.

Remember, thoughts create emotions and emotions are the “echoes“ of the thoughts in our bodies. The more you think negative thoughts (especially the unconscious ones) the more havoc those negative thoughts take on your body.

So, in essence, you don’t have to have a physical challenge in order to dramatically benefit from being part of our membership. any major issue or challenge that you experience in your life can create negative emotions and activate your fight Or flight response. The more often you are stressed, the more creates cortisol in your body (which deplete the life force in your tissues, organs, muscles and especially your brain. By joining our club, you’ll benefit on literally all levels. mental, emotional, spiritual and especially physical.

Q. Are you a healer? And are you going to heal my physical issue?

A. I am not the traditional healer you might expect. My role is to guide and support you in awakening the healer within yourself. You possess incredible healing potential, and together, we'll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

You are not just a recipient of healing; you are a catalyst for your own transformation.

I am passionate about sharing a series of self-healing and regenerative exercises designed to activate the healing powers within you. These practices will help you connect with your body, mind, and soul, and unlock the dormant potential that may have been waiting for this very moment.

Throughout our journey, I'll be by your side, teaching and encouraging you to listen to your body's wisdom and tap into the profound healing energies that flow through you. Remember, this is about your active participation and embracing the power you hold to create positive change in your life. Let's celebrate your progress, overcome challenges, and embrace growth together. Unlock the healer within you and embark on a beautiful journey towards wholeness."

About Paul

For over 20 years, Paul has worked with thousands of people across the world helping them move beyond the limitations of the mind, tapping the power of the heart and restoring their youth and vitality.

Paul is Creator of:
Dream-Minder, Creating Abundance, Secrets of Manifesting, Effortless Manifesting, Awakening Your Imagination, Clear-Mind Meditation Program, Ener-Chi Essential Oils Program, Serenity Program and Serenity HRS App, Heart/Mind Process

Paul's Experience includes:
EFT Certification, AFT (Attractor Field Therapy) Certification, Theta Healing (Level One and Advanced), Essence Method Foundation, Advanced and Mastery levels, Heart/Mind Certification Foundation (Advanced and Mastery levels), Self Questing Certification.

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