The Serenity Breath

One vital skill determines your health and happiness. For centuries, the most advanced cultures practiced this skill and mastered it to attain a level of inner harmony that most people never discover. This one skill is the art of breathing. 

Most people are simply not aware of how poorly they breathe. And even less are aware of how restricted breathing causes so many problems in their lives (health, finances, relationships, and feelings of anxiety and disconnection).  For years, I had constricted breathing. And as I look back, it created a score of problems in my life.

It affected my career, athletic performance, finances and mainly how I felt about myself. It took a very special therapist to train me to become aware of my breathing and from that very day, everything in my life transformed.  My stress levels dropped, my career improved (dramatically) and my finances turned around all due to this simple (but incredibly powerful shift).

It's my honor to give you this gift called the Serenity Breath. May it help you re-connect to your Essence and help you experience the Serenity within you...


Paul Bauer

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