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What is Serenity?

What is HRS and how can it help you?

Am I using it right? How do I know it's working?

How often should I use Serenity?

Serenity Breath - how (and why) it works

What is HRV?

Camera and measurement questions

My numbers haven’t changed in several days. Am I doing it wrong?

Somedays my HRS is over 7, and others it drops below. How can I improve my score?

What is Serenity?

The Vision
Serenity is a vision that came to me back in 2010 in Sedona, Arizona while hosting a retreat. It was a beautiful August morning with the sun dancing through the trees. As I was leading a group as we practiced QiGong (energy movement like Yoga and Tai Chi) something incredible happened.

While I was practicing a Qi Gong movement, I had my eyes closed and I saw a vision that changed my life. It was from above the planet and it showed me a simple way to clear the negative energies that often drain people across the planet. It was like how Mozart got his music, in a flash - the entire program in an instant.

But it took a while to digest the information (and the "how" it was going to be shared). It took almost 10 years for that vision to materialize, but the good news it was worth the wait! 

About 14 years ago, I began studying the energy of Heartwaves and how they're the core rhythm that restores our Mind/Body/Energy system. New ways to measure the energy of our Heartwaves began to appear, and I was fascinated in how the process worked.

At First, It Was Just a Dream

Initially, I imagined a program that could measure a person's Heartwave energy. But that dream began to expand and within a year or so, it had taken on a life of its own. But I had a series of major traumas that derailed my vision. My Mom passed away and my wife was diagnosed with cancer. These two events took me away form my vision until 2020.  

Then the magic began...

Despite 3 more major traumatic events, things started to come together. Resources, funding, technology, people, software developers and my Serenity Mastermind/Visionary group - a magical group of people who felt my vision and helped me bring it into reality.

The Mission of Serenity 

The mission behind Serenity is to help people of all kinds get in touch with their Heart's healing energies to re-balance their Mind/Body/Energy systems.  In fact, Serenity is so easy to use, you could teach it to a 3rd grader in just a few minutes. And yet, even intermediate and advanced users can use Serenity to help them discover new insights and breakthroughs about the power of their Heartwaves.

Your Heart has wisdom and intelligence far beyond the mind.  That intelligence is measurable with HRV and HRS. Once a person begins to learn how to access their Heart Resonance, they also awaken their mind because once the Heart opens, it provides streams of energy to the brain every time you practice the Serenity Resonance Breath.

1. What is HRS and how can it help you?

Heart Resonance Score (HRS) is a simple way to measure the energy of your Heartwaves (the energy of your Heart). It’s much more than just the beat of your Heart because HRS captures the information between each beat.

Western medicine typically is interested in only the BPM (beats per minute). But they overlook the powerful information that occurs before and after each beat of your Heart.

What is Resonance?
Resonance is the state of being in flow or in sync. When something resonates, it vibrates in a harmonic way. This harmony can be measured via your Heartrate with a special technique known as HRS.

HRS gives you an accurate reading of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

In essence, your HRS score is the measure of how in tune you are with yourself.  It’s not about how high or low your score is. In fact, when your score is "lower" it’s actually a good thing, because your body is telling you how it feels right then in the moment. A "low" score is your opportunity to step back from the "busy"-ness of life and slow down so your mind and body can renew and regenerate.

When we get overstressed, we often continue to push past the signals our bodies send us, which further drains our mental and emotional batteries.

HRS is based on the science of what’s called HRV (Heart Rate Varability). HRV has been studied for over 50 years and is the "gold standard" of cardiology to determine a persons health and longevity.

HRV is used by some of the best performers in many fields including:

Top athletes in the NFL, NHL, NBA
Leading Universities and Med Schools 
Leaders in finance and investing
Corporate executives
Many of the best clinics and wellness companies

But those peak performers pay a hefty price for equipment, consulting and ongoing therapy. 

Serenity makes it easier for the common man who wants to improve their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy so they can move forward in life with confidence and clarity.

While HRV can be very complicated (and is subject to misunderstanding because of its complexity) HRS on the other hand is very simple.

Here’s what we mean…

HRV is measured in terms of values like:

     RMSS, SDNN, Pnn50, LF, HF

Which are a bit challenging to interpret properly (let alone keep track of).

The numbers for each value vary greatly, so it’s difficult to determine where you are given the multiple values of HRV.

I've studied HRV for over 12 years and I always dreamed of a simpler way to have a quick, accurate and meaningful score to help me understand what’s happening in my mind/body system.

HRV is complicated and even experts disagree on how to interpret the values. HRS is simple. Because it's measured on a scale of 1-10. We use the core HRV values from your reading and compile them to create your custom HRS score so that you can get a quick (and accurate) snapshot of your mind/body system in a matter of just 60 seconds.

2. Am I using it right? How do I know it's working?

The key to getting the most from Serenity is to use it daily. One measurement won’t give you much insight. But, when you take your HRS reading each day, you begin to make shifts that are cumulative. You may not feel major improvements right away, but the more you use Serenity (and practice the simple Serenity Resonant Breathing) the more your mind and body will release stressful thoughts, emotions and energies that no longer serve you.

Hint: it’s not about how high your score is. The secret is allowing yourself to practice the Serenity Breath daily and each time you do, you get a little more calm, a little more clear. And then one day you realize you’ve made dramatic shifts in how you feel, your finances, the quality of love your feel and your level of inner harmony and wellness.

3. How often should I use Serenity?

The best time to use Serenity is first thing in the morning sitting up (before any coffee or tea). Your morning score is your baseline for the day.  Then, as the day sets in, it's helpful to do sessions:


Mid- Afternoon (after the daily grind)

Mid Evening (after dinner but before bed)

You will notice that your scores will shift as the day goes on. They may even drop. That's not a problem. When that occurs, our most experienced users practice the Serenity Breath for 1-2 minutes and often notice a significant improvement in their HRS score.

4. Serenity Breath - How (and why) it works

The Serenity Breath is based on hundreds of years of research in the art and science of breathwork.

The breathing process in most people is not functioning at an optimal level. We need to heal it. We need to improve or restore our breathing capacity, to correct any dysfunctional habits or patterns that inhibit or interfere with the free expression our true nature and full potential.

Once our breathing is full and free, healthy and natural, once it is restored or raised to an optimal level, then it automatically becomes a therapeutic tool. The body and breath can be used to balance the mind, and the mind and breath can be used to renew the body. The beauty of this process is it helps you release old energies and emotions that no longer serve you and feel the Light of your Presence.

5. What is HRV?

HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is considered by many top cardiologists, researchers, leading universities, medical institutions, elite athletes and sports teams (i.e. NFL, NBA, NHL) to be the leading indicator of our health and longevity. It has been researched since the 1960's and to date, there are thousands of studies across the world proving its effectiveness.

In essence, it is the measure of the intervals between each beat of the Heart.  Every beat (and space between each beat) carries information of the entire body and energy system.  When viewed only as a pulse (beats per minute or BPM), a vast amount of valuable information is missed. Your pulse is only an average - not the whole picture of what your Heart is actually processing every moment of your day.

HRV analysis helps us see beyond the limits of the "BPM" western model and into a new paradigm of understanding the true nature and power of Heartwaves.  This is an incredible time where science and spirituality are coming together and agreeing that the Heart is far more powerful than we ever knew or expected.

The future of Heartwaves and HRV is brighter than ever.  And now with Serenity and the HRS score, we have a simple (and accurate) way to measure our entire energy system in less than 1 minute. This simple HRS score gives you insights into how you're feeling (at a deep level) and how aligned your Mind/Body is at any point in time.

The space between two heart beats

Serenity uses key HRV values such as:

RMSS - RMSS is the most accurate measure of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which controls your stress response (and your ability to rest and rejuvenate.)

SDNN - SDNN is the “gold standard” for cardiac health. Higher numbers usually indicate that your body is coping better with stress.

Pnn50 - shows the balance between the parasympathetic system and sympathetic nervous system. The higher the value, the more relaxed the body is. If the pNN50 is low, you’re either tired or over-stressed.

The HRS score is a unique way of combining each of these complicated scores into one simple score that anyone can use to gauge the level of coherence and resonance of their Mind/Body system.

6. Camera and measurement questions

Can you show me details of how I can place my finger on the camera? I can’t get an accurate reading consistently.

Notice images 1-3.  They show the correct placement for a multi-lens phone (like iPhone newer models).

Note: On iPhone Max models, you may need to place your finger horizontally (see image 2)

Helpful Tips

  • Once you begin the measurement, remain still for 60 seconds. This is very important. This allows the highest signal quality (and the best reading).

  • Apply light to moderate pressure on the camera. This allows normal blood flow and allows for optimal measurement.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3


Notice images 1-3.  They show the correct placement for a multi-lens phone 

Note: On Samsung Galaxy models, you may need to place your finger horizontally (see image 1).

Helpful Tips

  • Once you begin the measurement, remain still for 60 seconds. This is very important. This allows the highest signal quality (and the best reading).

  • Apply light to moderate pressure on the camera. This allows normal blood flow and allows for optimal measurement.

Image 1

Image 2

6. My HRS numbers haven’t changed much in several days. Am I doing it wrong?

The key to Serenity is practice and patience.  There is no "wrong". It took years for your breathing patterns to be formed.  Like any other habit, it will take sometime to "re-wire" and return to normal. The good news is the more you practice, the better you feel. (and the results are cumulative).

Each time you practice, you release old stressors and emotions that have limited your breathing ability.  In time, you will notice that things that used to trigger you into stress, fear, anxiety, etc. no longer does.  That's because Resonant Breathing with the Serenity breath is proven to relax the brain/body/nervous system each time you practice.

7. Somedays my HRS is over 7, and others it drops below. How can I improve my score?

It's normal to have "high" and "low" scores. The secret of Serenity is that it shows you where you are in any given moment - with no judgment.  On the days when your scores are lower, it's your chance to tune-in and notice how you're feeling.

A "low" score is a message to take a break and let go. It's your body's way of saying "time out".  Quite often when I get a "low" score, it's my chance to become aware of an emotion or pattern that I may not be fully aware of. So I take another couple minutes and practice the Serenity Breath and then take another reading.  My scores often increase.

Feel free to be light-Hearted in the process.  It may just give you an unexpected gift!

Serenity Tip

Occasionally, when my scores drop, I'll do the Serenity Process - allowing me to connect with feelings and emotions under the surface. In many cases, just that simple process improves my score significantly.