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The easiest way to restore your natural rhythms and energy.

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What is Serenity? (The Why)

The Vision

Serenity is a vision that came to me back in 2010 in Sedona, Arizona while hosting a retreat. It was a beautiful August morning with the sun dancing through the trees. As I was leading a group as we practiced QiGong (energy movement like Yoga and Tai Chi) something incredible happened.

While I was practicing a Qi Gong movement, I had my eyes closed and I saw a vision that changed my life. It was from above the planet and it showed me a simple way to clear the negative energies that often drain people across the planet. It was like how Mozart got his music, in a flash - the entire program in an instant.

But it took a while to digest the information (and the "how" it was going to be shared). It took almost 10 years for that vision to materialize, but the good news it was worth the wait! 

It's a

1. It helps calm the over-active mind (simple but powerful meditation)

2. It helps you clear negative emotions 

3. It helps you harness any form of negativity and transform it into clarity and focus

The Mission of Serenity

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