Serenity Mastery Level Program
With Paul Bauer

"The intensity of the challenge that faces you is equal to the
amount of power (and love) waiting to be unleashed within you."
- Paul Bauer

We live in a time of tremendous uncertainty and distractions. Those distractions attempt to prevent us from realizing our authentic nature and connection and to the essence of life itself. When we start believing in the distractions (and give them our power) our lives become imbalanced and we feel a sense of stress, overwhelm and disconnectedness. 

The longer we feel that imbalance and disconnectedness, the more it takes a toll on our mind, emotions and even our bodies. That's a high price to pay for forgetting our true essence.

The truth is everyone encounters problems in their life. What separates the ones who succeed or fail is one unique core strength. This one strength defines the people who thrive (even under the worst circumstances) vs. the ones who fail.

The ability to find the gift in adversity.

No matter what setback or challenge that you face in your life, those challenges come with a hidden blessing. When you think about the toughest times that you’ve had through your life, not only have you somehow moved through them, but they’ve made you grow in ways that you had not imagined!

And frankly, had you not had those challenges, you wouldn't have discovered the opportunities for your growth (or the insights, experience, and gifts that they brought you).

Whatever current challenges block your way, they are placed there by your Higher Self to help you grow and awaken your mind and Heart.

If you let your life circumstances dictate how you feel (and wonder why life has dealt you a "bad hand"), you step in to victim consciousness. And that will never help you grow. It will only compound the problem and make things worse.

But something miraculous happens when you look for the benefit in virtually any problem that you encounter. Not only do you find the benefits, you grow in ways that you could not have imagined if you stayed wondering why life has been so "difficult" for you.

You begin to master adversity itself…

People tell me that one of the greatest gifts that I’ve taught them is this unique ability to find the hidden benefit within the major challenges they’ve had in their lives.

Once you develop this inner strength, you will be unstoppable. In other words it won’t matter what problems show up in your life, because you will always be able to find the gift that transforms you and propels you forward in life.

There are three main areas that I help people with:

1. Mastery of the mind
2. Mastery of emotions
3. Mastery of the Heart

And these three areas of mastery have practical benefits in your career, your relationships, your health, how much energy you have and how you feel about yourself.

When you expand your skills in each of these three areas, your life grows in ways that will simply astound you. With my help, you won’t question “Can I make breakthroughs?". Instead you’ll say things like “How did I not see this?“ or "OMG, I never knew I had this in me!”

Right now, you have gifts within you now my friend that are aching to be expressed. The only question is, are you willing to let go and let those gifts and talents shine into this world?

If you’re willing, I will help you let go of what used to daunt you so you can now reclaim your God-given strengths, talents and passions to create the life of your dreams.

"I found a new rewarding job that utilizes my skills in ways that almost bring tears to my eyes"  

"I felt incredibly stressed and frustrated in my job and I was looking for someone to help me get clarity and somehow move forward. Because the stress got so bad, I felt trapped in a double bind. When I first spoke to Paul, honestly, I was in disbelief because he made it sound so simple and yet he was right! I was doubting my own best talents, and for what reason? None!

Fast-forward the tape, and only 60 days later, I found a new rewarding job that utilizes my skills in ways that almost bring tears to my eyes because for the first time, I feel valued and recognized for what I do, and who I am. If you have a chance to work with Paul, take it, and you will not be sorry!"

 - Kristen Howard - Antioch, IL

"My income has increased dramatically, and I'm
way more fulfilled"

"I like to think of myself as open-minded, but when Paul and I started working together, I began to realize that I was really living in a self created comfort zone. Paul helped me see that I had been limiting myself for longer than I would ever admit. I’m blown away with the breakthroughs that I’ve experienced with Paul’s help. My income has increased dramatically, and I'm way more fulfilled  - and sleep better than I have in years! I had no idea I was relying so heavily on my mind, and denying my hearts truth, when Paul teaches about the Heart/Mind. Omg, now it makes so much sense!”

 - Scott Hepworth - Atlanta, GA

"My salary went up more than $20,000!" 

"When I heard Paul was offering free clarity sessions, I jumped at the opportunity, and all I can say is wow! No one has ever asked me such clear questions, or help me find the keys that have been in me for all my life. I was feeling burned out in my tech job and wanted to transition into healing work. Little did I know how helpful Paul’s coaching would be for me.

To say I’m happy that I hired Paul is an understatement! He has the rare quality of empathy and listening to not just your words but your feelings. I now have a new job that aligns with my purpose that I am so excited to be part of. Oh, and did I forget, my salary went up more than $20,000! If you’re looking for an inspiring coach to lift you and help you transform, Paul comes with my highest recommendation!

- Sharon Harris - Dubuque, Iowa

Ways I Can Help You...

If you’re having challenges in your career, I can help you move through any obstacles or blocks that you encounter. The bigger the block, the bigger the breakthrough that awaits you.  

Abundance and Prosperity

At the core of every challenge with abundance or prosperity is a belief in scarcity or "not enough". I'll help you slay the Not Enough Effect for good and end its nefarious effects on your life.

Attracting Your Soulmate and Optimizing Your Current Relationship

If you're looking for your Soulmate (or want to improve your current relationship), I can help you clear any wounds or blocks that are holding you back. Once you release and heal those wounds, your Heart opens to a deeper love and wholeness that will never leave you. And the best way to attract the love you long for is to re-discover your wholeness.

Opening Your Heart to Love

Your Heart has incredible wisdom and power to heal literally any issue in your life. Of course, we're not talking about the physical heart, but your sacred, spiritual Heart. Your Heart has access to gifts far beyond the mind and as you expand your heart awareness, you will experience dramatic transformations (in all phases of your life). 

Emotional Clearing

Every decision you make in your life is affected by your emotions. If you don't have what you want or feel stuck in emotions that keep repeating over and over, I can help you clear those stuck emotions so you can move forward with confidence and passion.

I am honored to be of service to you and look forward to helping you make breakthroughs that will bring a smile to your Heart.



Awakening Level

  • The Serenity Course 
  • The Serenity HRS App (plus individual training to fit your personal needs) 
  • Clear-Mind Heartwaves Meditation (mobile version) 
  • Access to my Advanced processes and exercises to clear resistance, open your Heart and maximize your manifesting skills
  • Access to me via email 
  • 3 months of One-on-One coaching sessions with Paul
  • Free ticket to Paul's 2 Day LIVE workshop (worth $2000) 

Investment - $4000 

"I now have an incredible new position with a company that I love and people that I respect. I am amazed!"

“For over 20 years in my corporate job, I was successful by any measure, but I felt empty. No passion for what I did, and no idea of my purpose. When I first begin working with Paul, I remember tears flowed when he asked me about what I was most passionate about. I realize the tears were a healing release of the pent-up, creativity, sadness, and self doubt that I pushed away for far too long. With his help, I now have an incredible new position with a company that I love and people that I respect. I am amazed!" -

Kathleen Gerald, Ojai, CA

"I’m so grateful for Paul’s coaching and support, it'changed my life!

"When I first began my career, I had big aspirations to create impact and be a catalyst for others. But instead, I realized my job was just an excuse and I gave away my power to people above me that simply didn’t deserve it. When I began working with Paul, he helped me reclaim the power that I gave away. I’ve healed in so many ways, I feel like a different person! I’m so grateful for Paul’s coaching and support, it has changed my life!

- Beth O'Malley - Riverside, CA

"My income has increased over 40% and I am more fulfilled and at peace that I’ve been in over 10 years!"

"I was a little skeptical, but I took advantage of Paul’s free clarity session, and I got way more than I expected. He helped me discover the one core issue that was holding me back from having confidence in my work. Since that session, I chose to hire Paul and he helped me clear several core beliefs that were draining my energy. But the best part of working with Paul is how he helped me get clarity on my true purpose and how to put it into practice. Since then my income has increased over 40% and I am more fulfilled and at peace that I’ve been in over 10 years! I’m incredibly grateful for Paul's coaching and Support..

 - Mike Tillings, Springfield, MO

About Paul

For over 20 years, Paul has worked with thousands of people across the world discover and live their passions and dreams. 

Paul is Creator of: 
Dream-Minder, Creating Abundance, Secrets of Manifesting, Effortless Manifesting, Awakening Your Imagination, Clear-Mind Meditation Program, Ener-Chi Essential Oils Program, Serenity Program and Serenity HRS App 

Paul's Experience includes:
EFT Certification, AFT (Attractor Field Therapy) Certification, Hypnotherapy Level I through Hypnodyne Foundation, Theta Healing (Level One and Advanced), Essence Method Foundation, Advanced and Mastery levels, Heart /Mind Certification Foundation, Advanced and Mastery levels, Self Questing Certification.