How to Help Your Clients Dramatically Reduce Stress 

While Each Client Helps You Grow a Thriving Practice

Are you a healer, life coach, or wellness professional seeking a transformative tool to elevate your practice and empower your clients? Introducing Serenity Pro – the groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize how you approach stress relief and well-being. In a world inundated with stressors and challenges, Serenity offers a beacon of hope, providing practitioners and their clients with a tangible pathway to serenity and vitality.

At the core of Serenity lies a profound understanding of the intricate connection between stress, energy, and overall well-being. For too long, healers and wellness professionals have grappled with the daunting task of helping clients navigate through accumulated stress and negative emotions.

The Leading Indicator of Health and Longevity

Serenity serves as a guiding light, simplifying the often complex world of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – the gold standard for measuring health and longevity – to enhance overall well-being. By transforming HRV into the easily understandable Heart Resonance Score (HRS) index, this program becomes accessible to both practitioners and clients. The HRS index empowers individuals to make meaningful daily shifts towards inner peace and vitality.

Serenity provides a tangible and straightforward approach, allowing clients to navigate their well-being journey with ease. In this transformative process, practitioners play a vital role as guides, using the HRS index as a compass to help clients make purposeful strides. Serenity becomes a tool not just for understanding but for actively pursuing a harmonious and balanced life, fostering a path towards sustained vitality and well-being.

Key Benefits of Serenity Pro Level:

Before diving into the core advantages of using Serenity, let's explore the profound impact this innovative program can have on practitioners and their clients. Serenity represents a paradigm shift in the realm of well-being, offering a comprehensive approach that transcends conventional methods. By honing in on Heart Rate Variability (HRV), the gold standard for measuring health and longevity, Serenity opens doors to a new era of understanding and actively improving overall health. This program serves as a bridge, connecting practitioners and clients to a simplified and actionable path towards inner peace and vitality.

Envision Serenity as more than just a program—it's a transformative companion that simplifies the complexities of HRV into the user-friendly Heart Resonance Score (HRS) index. This index becomes a shared language between practitioners and clients, fostering a collaborative effort in achieving daily measurable shifts towards well-being. Now, let's explore the core advantages that make Serenity an indispensable tool for sustainable growth in your practice.

How To "Re-Charge Your Batteries" in Less Than 10 Minutes A Day

Imagine having one of those stressful days when you're just not yourself.  Instead of 2 more cups of coffee or trying to "push the stress away", imagine this instead...

You measure your Heart energy with a simple App.  It gives you immediate feedback how your Heart/Mind/Energy system is doing (while you're de-stressing at the same time!)

And all it takes is 60 seconds!

I know this personally because I've done this simple practice dozens of times when I was super stressed and every times the stress drops! (in 1 Minute!).

And you can use it anywhere, anytime.  

You can use it at work or home - because it's so easy to use.

If any of your friends or family are stressed in any way, they can feel the stress melt like butter in just minutes. 

You don't need to be a meditation or Heart expert to get the benefits of the new Serenity App.

But it gets even better...

Because we're not testing just the physical energy of the Heart.  We're testing the very energy of life itself.  In other words, its not one dimensional. Every heartbeat carries information.  

And we can measure the very life force in each beat of your Heart in the comfort of your home or office. And at a fraction of what it normally costs elite athletes, performers, and high end clients.

Heart Resonance - The New Standard in Mind/Body Healing

When you're stressed, your mind and Heart fall out of alignment.  But when you're in flow, everything sees to fall into place for you.  You feel good.  Your decisions come naturally. Your connections with people go smoothly.

Sometimes, if one thing goes wrong, it can wreck your whole day.

But what if?

What if you could shift back into flow in just 1 or 2 minutes, so you could get back into momentum to create the results you want most

Heart Resonance - What is it and how can it help you?

At the center of this flow is what is known as Heart Resonance.  Simply stated, when your mind and Heart are in balance with each other, you feel the resonance between them.

It's based on the field of HRV (Heart Rate Variability) - considered by the world's leading doctors, researchers, athletes and peak performers to be the world standard in Mind/Body performance and healing.

Scientific Proof

There's a new scientifically proven (and well researched) breakthrough in Mind/Body healing.  It's called Heart rate variability (HRV) and it's been called the most accurate measure of our health and longevity.

Heart rate variability (HRV) has become the new standard of assessing the effects of stress on your body. It is measured as the time gap between your heart beats that varies as you breathe in and out. Ongoing research evidence increasingly links high HRV to good health and a high level of fitness, while decreased HRV is linked to stress, fatigue and even burnout.

Up until recently, it's only been used it to measure the physical aspects of the body. But the real breakthrough is how it can be used to help you re-connect with your core and master the stressful aspects of your life.

Example of Heart Rate Variability 

HRV is the leading indicator of our health and longevity and is proven in many leading universities, clinics, and research labs across the world.

  • 50+ years of research 
  • Over 10,000 Research studies
  • Millions of real world measurements

The image above shows the point when resonance happens within your mind and body.  There's a unique pattern of breathing that helps activate this resonance. It's not the same for every person, and it would be very difficult to discover on your own (without very expensive EEG and ECG equipment.)

But with the new Serenity Program, you'll discover your resonance point in just minutes (and at a fraction of the cost of normal methods).  This is part of the mission of Serenity - to make this kind of discovery available (and practical) for people of all kinds - not just the "elite".

The benefits?

When this occurs, your Heart awareness is activated and your mind automatically lets go and you feel a deep sense of inner peace. Your overall energy increases. But something else wonderful begins to happen. 

Your brain is bathed in renewed energy that comes from your Heart. Oxytocin, serotinin and other powerful neurotransmitters flow through your brain and body in just minutes and you come back into flow. You feel creative, inspired and your vibration has increased dramatically.

You feel connected, inspired and part of the Oneness of all creation.

There are few experiences in life more powerful than that feeling!

Key Benefits of Serenity Pro Level:

Which of these benefits will Serenity help you most?

  • Dissolve literally any stress in just 60 seconds (using a special breathing process proven by researchers to calm the mind and nervous system) 
  • Re-connect with your true self and feel inner peace (especially when you're most stressed)
  • Learn how to see any negative situation as an opportunity for your growth and development
  • How to transform even your biggest "mistakes" into dramatic shifts in your career, love life, health and your inner confidence
  • Develop a new way of seeing even the most challenging problems or setbacks as incredible learning experiences to grow and move forward (instead of feeling fear and avoiding them)
  • How to *prevent* obstacles from occurring in your life (using a powerful new method that helps you see "negative" occurrences in a whole new way)
  • How to observe negative world events, bad news and other stressful life challenges and be part of the Serenity groups around the world and clear them from the collective consciousness

It All Begins With Serenity

When you use Serenity, within just minutes, you'll begin to feel the stress of your day begin to melt away. And with daily use, you'll be able to remain calm - even when stressful thoughts or events occur. 

This daily practice with Serenity does three important things for you...

1) It dramatically lowers your overall stress levels and decreases your blood pressure - the number one cause of heart disease and ill health.

2) It opens up your creativity and feeling of aliveness and passion

3) It gives you a profound sense of connectedness and clarity

KatIE LamB Healer 

"I absolutely love this program!"

I absolutely love this program!  It gives me the opportunity to see where my energy level is at.  It helps to bring focus to my breathing.  When I have focus on my breathing I become heart centered.  As we go through our day the everyday stressors can and do affect our energy.  Serenity brings me back to focus with my breathing which helps to eliminate my stress.  This app is one I highly recommend.  

~ Katie Lamb, Boise, Idaho

Melinda Streicker | Mind/Body Coach 

"I felt an amazing energy shift"

As a 67 year old woman who has 16 surgeries, multiple personal trauma events, and facing an uncertain future I turned to Serenity as tool to help me open my heart and clear my mind. I found extremely easy to use. I felt an amazing energy shift and my body relax. It is a short and simple way of getting feedback immediately. I began to use the app as a daily ritual and have found myself more peaceful, focused, sleeping better, more productive and my world is opening up in ways I had only imagined. 

I highly recommend trying Serenity that has a myriad of benefits way beyond the obvious!

Melinda Streicker -  Northbrook, IL


"Brings me back into the present moment"

The Serenity program has been a great tool to check in and assess how present I am in the midst of my busy day. It helps me recalibrate my Heart Resonance which really helps to bring me back into the present moment.  I love that I can do all of it right from my phone without having to get any other extra accessories which I have not experienced with other apps. 

I especially love that it's an excuse for me to take brief moments throughout my day to simply pause and check in with myself which inevitably helps me be more productive in the long run. The Serenity program has been a great tool to check in and assess how present I am in the midst of my busy day.

Ginette Slaiher -  Arlington Heights. IL


"The possibilities are infinite"

"As one quickly develops a working  relationship with their easy-to-use Serenity program, they begin to understand and appreciate its potential and import in bringing to their attention systemic (body/mind/spirit) issues  that are reflected in their HRS score.

Over time, the user experiences the program's ability to reliably measure their unique situation by bringing to their attention the need for a correcting action, suggesting balancing responses, and confirming that action's effect on their overall wellbeing. The possibilities of this kind of accurate, reliable feedback tool for wellbeing are infinite and only depend on compliance by the user."

Dr. Greg Hitter, PhD - San Luis Obispo, CA

What You Get with Serenity Pro Level:

1. Comprehensive Training Modules:
Dive into expertly crafted training modules that guide you through the principles and applications of Serenity, ensuring you are equipped to harness its full potential. 

2. Serenity Program Access: 
Unlock the complete Serenity Pro Level program, providing you with the tools and knowledge to integrate stress release and energy restoration into your practice seamlessly. 

3. Serenity HRS App:
Gain exclusive access to the Serenity HRS app, simplifying the measurement and application of the Heart Resonance Score for both practitioners and clients.

4. Special Serenity Breath Training:
Elevate your practice with a specialized Serenity Breath Training module, enhancing your ability to guide clients toward a state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. 

5. Community Access: 

Join the Serenity Community of healers and coaches, fostering collaboration, support, and shared insights as you embark on this transformative journey together. investment Details: $297 for the Serenity Pro Level program.

Special Bonus Module: Serenity
for Our Youth

In the wake of the global challenges brought by COVID-19, the emotional well-being of our youth has become more crucial than ever. This special bonus module within the Serenity Pro Level is dedicated to equipping you with the tools to share Serenity effectively with children and young adults, from those in school to millennials facing unique stressors. Understanding Youth Wellness: As schools faced closures, social interactions shifted, and uncertainties loomed, the emotional burden on young individuals increased significantly. 

This module delves into the intricacies of understanding and addressing the buildup of negative emotions, trauma, and anxiety that youth may have experienced during these challenging times. Guidance for Practitioners: Learn valuable insights and techniques to guide young individuals in releasing stress and negative emotions. Serenity for Youth empowers you to create a supportive and nurturing space, allowing them to navigate challenges with resilience.

How You Can Help Navigate the Challenges of Today's Youth 

Statistics now show that our youth is burdened with unprecedented levels of stress, depression and even suicide. Our younger generations need our help (especially after Covid and the traumas that it caused). Serenity is designed with today's youth in mind, from Millennials to Gen Z and even the youngest individuals. It adapts effortlessly to their unique needs by offering age-appropriate mindfulness practices and stress-release techniques through a user-friendly interface.

Whether providing tools for self-reflection or creating a calming space in the digital landscape, Serenity serves as a reliable companion, guiding the younger generation toward emotional well-being in the midst of life's challenges. Impactful Healing for the Future: By extending the benefits of Serenity to our youth, practitioners not only contribute to their immediate well-being but also play a vital role in shaping a resilient and emotionally balanced generation for the future.

Included in Serenity Pro Level This special bonus module is included with the Serenity Pro Level program at no additional cost. As a practitioner, you gain access to a holistic approach that addresses the diverse well-being needs of your clients, spanning across generations and ensuring a lasting impact on the communities you serve. Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to make a positive difference in the lives of the youth around you. Join Serenity Pro Level today and unlock the potential to bring peace and resilience to every age group, fostering a brighter and more serene future.

Special Bonuses
(When You Order Now)

The New Serenity HRS Transformation App

Bonus #1 - The Serenity HRS App (worth $97)

This is the game changer for your Mind/Heart/Energy systems! This is more than just an App.  

It's the foundation of the entire Serenity Program because it helps you:

1) Measure your Heart/Mind alignment (in less than 60 seconds). When your in alignment, you're at peace and in flow with creativity, energy and love.

2) Experience the power of the Serenity Resonance Breathing process (which dissolves and clears any stress or stuck emotions in just minutes)

3) Track your progress day to day and notice how much you've grown and evolved. (this is where the real gifts exist).

Bonus #2 - The Serenity Process (worth $79)

The Serenity Process will help you get to the CORE of virtually any emotional block or challenge and dissolve it right from the roots. This simple but powerful process helps you move beyond the symptom level and access the power hidden within any pain or struggle. This is the KEY to this amazing process.

We never have a problem without the ability to solve it. Once you experience the Serenity Process, you will have a deep new confidence that you can master any project, setback or obstacle that you encounter!

Bonus #3 - Special In-Depth Serenity HRS App Training (worth $99)

The new Serenity HRS App is powerful on its own - but when you know HOW to use it to get the most from it, you will be amazed! 

  • Learn how to dissolve any stress in less than 60 seconds
  • Discover the power of HRS (Heart Resonance Score) to multiply your 
  • Activate your Heart's intuition to make better decisions
  • Experience the amazing Serenity Resonance Breath to increase your clarity and inner peace

Let's Review What You Get

The Serenity Program

  • Serenity Course with 9 Life-Changing Modules
  • Bonus 1 - The New Serenity HRS App
  • Bonus 2 - The Serenity Process 
  • Bonus 3 - Serenity HRS Training Modules
  • Bonus 4 - Manifesting From the Heart

Total Value - $423
Just $297
Save over 70%


PLUS - You get our 30 Day Guarantee
If you don't experience greater calmness, inner peace and clarity
with Serenity than any program you've ever used,
simply return it for your full money back.

Paul Bauer

You have my personal promise that The Serenity Program will be one of the most powerful programs you've ever experienced - or your money back.

Why wait even one more day to let go of the old emotions and programs that have held you back from being your True Self? 

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