Serenity Quick Start Guide

What is Serenity?

Serenity is easy to use program that helps you dissolve stress and get back into flow. It takes only one minute to get a reading and receive the benefits of the Serenity breath. The more you practice, the better you feel because it helps rebalance your Heart, mind and energy systems.

It's like when you exercise a muscle, it gets stronger (and more flexible).

Your Heart has wisdom far beyond the mind and we now have the technology to measure this wisdom to bring our lives back into balance.

How does it help me?

Each time you use Serenity, it helps you:

   1) Accurately measure your Heart, mind and energy alignment
   2) Through the power of the Serenity breath, it helps you release stuck emotions and energetic blocks
   3) Retrains your nervous system to feel calm (at will)

How does it work?

Serenity uses the power of your smartphone camera to read your Heartwave information like the pulse oximeter at your doctor‘s office. It’s simple to use and highly accurate.

Serenity's HRS scoring system is based on the science of HRV (Heart Rate Variablity) and proven by over 50 years of research to be an highly effective measure of your Heart and mind energy balance. HRV is considered to be the leading indicator of your health and longevity.

What is Heart Resonance?

After over 10 years of intensive research, our team developed a unique scoring index called the Heart Resonance Score (HRS). It utilizes the science of HRV with a more understandable and easy to use scale from 0 to 10. Each time you use Serenity, you receive a unique HRS score. That score is like a 'snapshot' of your mind/body resilience in that given moment.

Serenity is also a leading indicator of your life (emotions, energy, feelings and results). You can learn more about this in the Serenity training modules.

How often should I use Serenity?

You should use it at least 2 to 3 times a day. The more you use it, the more you reset and balance your ANS (Autonomic Nervous System). What this means is whatever triggers you to go into "stress mode" can easily be neutralized and re-balanced. The Serenity Breath is the simplest way to do that "neutralizing" process. Once you've done it a couple times, and you see your own HRS score improve, it will give you the feedback and confidence to know what you're doing in clearing the source of the stress, not just the effects.

As you continue to practice this simple (and incredibly powerful) process, you begin to master your mind, Heart and energy systems so that you can move forward with confidence, clarity and creative energy.

Is the Serenity Breath just a "new age" breathing technique?

There are many techniques that include breathing practices.  Very few of them are based on scientific research. The science behind the Serenity Breath is verifiable.  Research studies at Rutgers University and some of the most respected doctors and clinicians have shown the powerful benefits of Resonant breathing when its applied correctly. (See Serenity Training Modules for more specifics).

Best Times to Use Serenity 

1. The optimal way to begin your day
Take your Serenity HRS score first thing in the morning after you get out of bed (before any coffee or stimulants). This helps you connect and align your Heart and mind. This connection process gives you access to deep wisdom, energy and creative energy to move through your day.

2. Afternoon stress break
Afternoon is a perfect time to check in and "take the edge off" the stress that has built up during your day. The more stressors that show up in our day, the more off track we can get. And unless you interrupt that cycle, the stress builds up and affects your mind and body adversely. Serenity is like having your own stress relief coach - right there when you need it most (with unconditional love because it's from your own Heart).

3. Evening
A great time to take your HRS reading is in the evening after dinner before you go to sleep. This gives you a moment of peace and reflection as you practice the Serenity breath.

Over time, you will witness your progress, and the ebbs and flows of energy that you experience. The real beauty of Serenity is the more you use it, the stronger you get because as you practice, you strengthen the connection between your Heart and your mind.

How Do I Know It 's Working?

How you feel is important. But here's something interesting...

We have found that your HRS score is predictive and often shows a higher score than how you're actually feeling in a given moment.  

Let's say you measured your HRS on a given day and its higher than you're actually feeling. Because your HRS score is based primarily on your Heartwave energy, even if you don't feel any major shift or breakthrough, it's telling you have more resilience than you're aware of. Because your Heart knows before your mind does.

The more you practice the Serenity Breath (and notice the ups and downs of your HRS), the more "in-tune" you become with your body. This is "resonance in action". You become aware of your feelings before they actually cause stress.

Paul Bauer