Serenity Peak Performance Special

Unlock Inner Peace and Optimal Performance with Our Exclusive Serenity Heart/Mind Program

Do stress, overwhelm or uncertainty slow you down?

A little bit bit of stress here there are no problem, but occasionally, we all hit ruts where we get stuck and it slows us down in our business, in our relationships and how we feel about ourselves. Someday, no matter what you do, it seems like you just can’t get your energy going .

Can you relate?

What if I told you that there’s a simple way to “get your game back on“ and get reinspired and re-energized so you can create the results that you want most in your career, feel inspired and creative, and feel a deep sense of inner peace, even when stress pops up?

Here''s your chance to transform your stress into clarity and focus with our Serenity Peak Performance Special. Nurture your mind and heart, and achieve the calm and balance you deserve while reaching new heights of performance!

What Problems Does Serenity Solve?

  • Open Your Heart: Foster emotional openness and connection.

  • Calm the Restless Mind: Techniques to quieten your thoughts and achieve peace.

  • Expand Your Intuition and Creativity: Unlock your creative potential and intuitive insights.

  • Chronic Stress: Effective strategies to manage and reduce stress.

  • Uncertainty and Self-Doubt: Build confidence and eliminate self-doubt.

  • Laser Beam Clarity on Your Purpose and Passions: Gain clear insight into your life’s purpose and passions.

Think about it… When you’re out of flow, stressed and not on your game, it affects everything you do. Especially your career By the time we’re overwhelmed, it’s already snapped your strength for most of the day. What if you could get out ahead of the stress, prevent it , and even when it pops up, dissolve it faster than you can imagine

Hi, this is Paul Bauer and even though I’ve had great success for many years, there been some times in my life when literally everything crashed. My wife passed away, my business collapsed, and my stress levels went through the roof. What those crazy times taught me were invaluable lessons that have made all the difference

Not just for myself, but for literally every client that I serve And I want to share these amazing exercises and methods with you so that you can release whatever is holding you back so you can optimize your career, your relationships and how you feel about yourself

Serenity Core Benefits

When you use Serenity, within just minutes, you'll begin to feel the stress of your day begin to melt away. And with daily use, you'll be able to remain calm - even when stressful thoughts or events occur. 

This daily practice with Serenity does three important things for you...

1) It dramatically lowers your overall stress levels and decreases your blood pressure - the number one cause of heart disease and ill health.

2) It opens up your creativity and feeling of aliveness and passion

3) It gives you a profound sense of connectedness and clarity

Why Choose the Serenity Peak Performance Special?

  • Mental Clarity: Eliminate mental clutter and gain the clarity you need to navigate life with ease.

  • Emotional Balance: Find inner harmony, reducing stress and promoting overall well-being.

  • Enhanced Focus: Improve concentration and productivity with a serene and focused mind.

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What's Included in the Offer?

  • Serenity Program: Comprehensive guide to achieving mental and emotional tranquility.

  • Serenity HRS App: Access the amazing Serenity HRS app, helping you reduce even the biggest stress in less than two minutes, reconnect with your heart, balance your emotions, and sleep better.

  • The Amazing Clear-Mind Mediation Program - used by thousands of people in over 41 countries to calm the restless mind and tap into the power of your Heartwaves.

  • One-on-One Personal Session with Paul Bauer: Creator of Serenity. Paul will help you customize your own personal daily energy clearing and optimization program. This session will pay dividends for many months and years to come.

Special Bonus:
If you order by midnight Monday, you'll receive a special bonus called the CORE meditation (worth $49). This meditation is incredibly powerful and helps you strengthen your connection to your heart, open up your energy centers, and have direct access to pure life source energy.

"I found a new rewarding job that utilizes my skills in ways that almost bring tears to my eyes"  

"I felt incredibly stressed and frustrated in my job and I was looking for someone to help me get clarity and somehow move forward. Because the stress got so bad, I felt trapped in a double bind. When I first spoke to Paul, honestly, I was in disbelief because he made it sound so simple and yet he was right! I was doubting my own best talents, and for what reason? None!

Fast-forward the tape, and only 60 days later, I found a new rewarding job that utilizes my skills in ways that almost bring tears to my eyes because for the first time, I feel valued and recognized for what I do, and who I am. If you have a chance to work with Paul, take it, and you will not be sorry!"

 - Kristen Howard - Antioch, IL

"My income has increased dramatically, and I'm
way more fulfilled"

"I like to think of myself as open-minded, but when Paul and I started working together, I began to realize that I was really living in a self created comfort zone. Paul helped me see that I had been limiting myself for longer than I would ever admit. I’m blown away with the breakthroughs that I’ve experienced with Paul’s help. My income has increased dramatically, and I'm way more fulfilled  - and sleep better than I have in years! I had no idea I was relying so heavily on my mind, and denying my hearts truth, when Paul teaches about the Heart/Mind. Omg, now it makes so much sense!”

 - Scott Hepworth - Atlanta, GA

"My salary went up more than $20,000!" 

"When I heard Paul was offering free clarity sessions, I jumped at the opportunity, and all I can say is wow! No one has ever asked me such clear questions, or help me find the keys that have been in me for all my life. I was feeling burned out in my tech job and wanted to transition into healing work. Little did I know how helpful Paul’s coaching would be for me.

To say I’m happy that I hired Paul is an understatement! He has the rare quality of empathy and listening to not just your words but your feelings. I now have a new job that aligns with my purpose that I am so excited to be part of. Oh, and did I forget, my salary went up more than $20,000! If you’re looking for an inspiring coach to lift you and help you transform, Paul comes with my highest recommendation!

- Sharon Harris - Dubuque, Iowa

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