Serenity Testimonials

"Serenity is an absolutely indispensable program for anyone interested in health. It’s like having a secret window into how your body is handling stress. But it’s so much more than that. Imagine having the ability to know when to give yourself some extra care so that you don’t completely tax your immune system before you even know you need it. Your HRS will become your new best friend!

Serenity is truly a gift of modern technology. To be able to measure the level of underlying stress in our body gives us the ability to address it before we get sick or depleted and it adds huge value to our health journey. I recently contracted Lyme Disease and although I caught it early and used all treatment methods at my disposal (both traditional and alternative), it was Serenity that helped me know I was on the mend. My HRS scores revealed that even though I was still tired, I was handling the stress like a champ and I was overcoming the challenge. I’m so glad I had Serenity to help me through."

 - Cyndi Dodick, Wilmette, IL

Serenity is an amazing program! Earlier this year while experiencing a health challenge, the readings were relatively low and the Serenity Breath would contribute to a slight inner shift. As my health improves, I’m getting readings in the 8’s and that is so affirming and empowering as to the progress being made!! I’m confident this program will make a huge difference in uplifting the well-being of humanity.

- Edna Tonney - Vancouver, British Columbia 

"I absolutely love Serenity. It gives me the opportunity to see where my energy level is at. It helps to bring focus to my breathing. When I have focus on my breathing I become heart centered. As we go through our day the everyday stressors can and do affect our energy. Serenity brings me back to focus with my breathing which helps to eliminate my stress. This app is one I highly recommend."

~Katie Lamb, Boise Idaho

"Serenity is a wonderful tool and friend to my body, that reminds me just how resilient my body can be. I work in the realms of body, psyche, mind, intuition, emotions, soul, dreams, spirit, intention, consciousness and intelligence of organ systems. I need impeccable self care in order to fully present and available to the people I serve, I need to be at the “top of my game” and fully attuned. Just like an athlete needs great sports gear, and the right coach, Serenity helps me stay on track and keep myself in peak performance. When I get the readings I have such honor and respect for my body’s capacity to renew and support me. It reminds me to follow my body cues when I need to slow down and rest too. It makes me so happy to follow the rhythms of my breath.

I’m so grateful for this amazing nervous system regulating tool. What a great time to be alive with the advances in technology that help keep us so healthy. Thank you to the Serenity creators."

-Erin Diedling, MEd, LCPC, SEP Somatic Clinical Psychotherapist Bodyworker Psychic healer

"As a 67 year old woman who has 16 surgeries, multiple personal trauma events, and facing an uncertain future I turned to Serenity as tool to help me open my heart and clear my mind. I found extremely easy to use and as I began, I felt an energy shift and my body relax into the rhythmic inhalation and exhalation. It is a short and simple way of getting feedback immediately. I began to use Serenity as a daily ritual and have found myself more peaceful, focused, sleeping better, more productive and my world is opening up in ways I had only fantasized about. I highly recommend Serenity!"

- Melinda Streicker

"Like me, you will underestimate the effect of Serenity. It’s an awakening. It helped me become more aware. One quickly develops a working relationship with this easy-to-use Serenity application, they begin to understand and appreciate its potential and import in bringing to their attention to systemic (body/mind/spirit) issues that are reflected in the heart rate variability (HRV) data measured, collected, analyzed, and scored (HRS) by the Serenity program. Over time, the user experiences the program's ability to reliably measure their unique situation by bringing to their attention the need for a correcting action, suggesting balancing responses, and confirming that action's effect on their overall wellbeing. The possibilities of this kind of accurate, reliable feedback tool for wellbeing are infinite and only depend on compliance by the user."

-Greg Hitter, San Luis Obispo, CA

"Serenity has been a great tool to check in and assess how present I am in the midst of my busy day. It helps me recalibrate my heart rate variability through breath which really helps to bring me back into the present moment. I love that I can do all of it right from my phone without having to get any other extra accessories which I have not experienced with other apps. The images are soothing and beautiful which, in and of themselves, influence my heart rate positively. I especially love that it's an excuse for me to take brief moments throughout my day to simply pause and check in with myself which inevitably helps me be more productive in the long run. Serenity has been a great tool to check in and assess how present I am in the midst of my busy day. It helps me recalibrate my Heart Resonance through the breath which really helps to bring me back into the present moment."

- Ginette Slaiher, Arlington Heights, IL