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How to Become Immune From the Effects of Stress, Negative Emotions and Social Media And Live Fully In The Present

Dear Friend, 

Imagine for a moment that you're going through your day and you feel that familiar feeling...

That feeling that "something's not quite right". The stress has begun to settle in and our body feels a bit tense.  Your mind isn't as sharp as you'd like. In some cases, the stress "takes over" like it has a mind of its own.

Now, imagine instead...

You take a deep breathand you begin to feel a shift. A shift from stress to inner peace in a matter of seconds.

Imagine how that would affect your life...

I invite you to consider that all of us have that power within us in any moment.

Whether we choose to remember it is the key question.

The Game Changer 

Almost 20 years ago, one single insight changed my entire life.  It's just one sentence, but in its simplicity is its genius. This breakthrough of awareness shifted every part of my life in a major way, because it affected HOW I saw (and interpreted) what appeared as "bad" or negative events. And if you can see this in yourself, you know how heavy past "failures" and setbacks can feel.

Read this slowly, because when you really "get it", you can never have a "bad" day ever again.

"Behind every negative emotion or negative experience in our lives, there is a positive intent."

When you allow yourself tho see that every negative event in your life has had a positive intent, you'll experience a quantum shift like nothing you've ever had before!

Not everyone is "ready" to make the shift (from being victim to being responsible to your own self). But the ones that are ready will become the true leaders of our world.

Are you ready to inspire the world?

Are you ready to let go of the one thing that has held you back most in your life!

Then I'd like to share how Serenity can help you do that and more!

From Stress to Serenity

Imagine how much energy it takes to feel anxious, angry or uncertain.  Now, imagine actually harnessing (tapping into) that power hidden within those negative emotions.

In other words, using those distractions to fuel you to come back into the present moment. This is where it gets amazingly powerful because you know what it's like to be stressed. You know what it's like to be off center. You know what it's like to not feel connected on the inside. 

But what if everything that distracts you, or pulls you away from your center can be used to actually strengthen you and bring you closer to your purpose and your center? 

What kind of breakthrough would that be for you?

“If you're willing to set aside your current way of seeing and 
thinking, then you'll have access to a whole new world”

When we let go, and re-connect to our Essence, we experience the "Inflection Point".  In other words, the shift from the old ways of struggle and limitation into a world of oneness and living in the Now.

What is Serenity?

In essence, Serenity is a program that anyone can use to release negative energies and emotions that hold you back from living with joy and passion. 

The Serenity program helps you:

1) Calm the over-active mind

2) Clear negative emotions

3) Transform negative energies and emotions into clarity and focus

1) It dramatically lowers your overall stress levels and decreases your blood pressure - the number one cause of heart disease and ill health.

2) It opens up your creativity and feeling of aliveness and passion

3) It gives you a profound sense of connectedness and clarity

Which of these benefits will Serenity help you most?

  • Learn how to see any negative situation as an opportunity for your growth and development
  • How to transform even your biggest "mistakes" into dramatic shifts in your career, love life, health and your inner confidence
  • Understand that every obstacle has a gift hidden within it for you to learn from and harness its power to create magical results!
  • Develop a new way of seeing even the most challenging problems or setbacks as incredible learning experiences to grow and move forward (instead of feeling fear and avoiding them)
  • How to actually prevent obstacles from occurring in your life (using a powerful new method that helps you see "negative" occurrences in a whole new way)
  • How to observe negative world events, bad news and other stressful life challenges and be part of the Serenity groups around the world and clear them from the collective consciousness
  • How to discover the stories you tell yourself and how they either hold you back or move you forward in life
  • How to master the power of perception - a master skill that gives you clarity and propels your results like nothing else you’ve ever experienced

It All Begins With Serenity

When you use Serenity, within just minutes, you'll begin to feel the stress of your day begin to melt away. And with daily use, you'll be able to remain calm - even when stressful thoughts or events occur. 

This daily practice with Serenity does three important things for you...

The Serenity Program Includes:

Module 1 - The Serenity Experience

This module forms the core understandings of the Serenity program. You'll learn the origin of Serenity and how it can help you move beyond the limits of the mind and emotions.

You'll discover how to "tune-in" to how you feel and realize how old programs and memories often drive your thoughts and actions. Just becoming aware of this effect of the mind automatically frees you and gives you instant energy. You'll learn how to use the Serenity Breath in your daily life to release old emotions that hold you back. And you'll experience the power of living in the present. 

Just one moment of this inner peace is enough to transform your entire day.

Module 2 - The Power of Living in The Present From Your Core

From our earliest years, we are conditioned to believe in limitation, struggle and dozens of beliefs that aren't even ours.  These old "programs" can hold us in the past just like a "ball and chain" (even though we may try to push forward to escape their grasp.)

As you learn how to let go of the old programs, you free your mind and emotions and experience the beauty of living in the present moment.  Each time you're present with yourself, you free up old "pockets" of stuck energy and transform them into clarity and breakthroughs.

Module 3 - The Power of Emotions and
Your Heart's Deep Wisdom

Your Heart has access to wisdom far beyond the mind. This "inner wisdom" can pull you through the darkest times and also inspire you to discover your purpose and live your life dreams and passions.

It all begins with one simple shift of awareness (from mind to Heart).  As you discover this "reservoir" of wisdom within you, you will let go of the old paradigm of suffering and struggle. Then you'll experience the Serenity within your own self.  Once you've made this shift, you will never want to go back to your "old self".

Module 4 - Transforming Negative Emotions And Energy

You'll learn how every negative thought and emotion holds a gift for you. In other words, what we often call "negative" experiences are really just messages for us to become aware and re-connect with our true Self. 

Imagine when a stressful event occurs in your life and instead of causing more stress, you shift and remember to step back, breathe into it, and transform it. This simple step will free you in ways that will astound you.

Module 5 - The Power of the Serenity Daily Ritual

Imagine waking every day feeling refreshed and energized - knowing you have plenty of energy to create your ideal day.  That's what this module is all about.  You'll learn how to begin your day with:

  • The expanded Serenity Breath (to revitalize you)

  • A new way to journal called "Serenity Sessions" (that help you reconnect with  your Higher Self for inspired insights and breakthroughs)

  • Neuro-Emotional Clearing (to clear old disserving patterns)

  • The Power of Integrating the Negative Polarity (this is one of THE most powerful processes that I have ever learned) - and once you understand what it is and how to use it, you will be astounded how old problems literally dissolve and you feel clarity in all parts of your life

Module 6 - The Core Serenity Exercises

In this module you'll learn how to go even deeper into your core.  In other words, your Soul's Essence. From this place of deep wisdom, you can release years of karma, stress and old programs that have held you back from being your authentic self.

  • Discover the true power of Heart vulnerability and how it can help you allow the gift of unconditional love 
  • The power of "emptying yourself " (this ancient process has been used by the Masters to let go of the limits of the human self so you can experience your Divine Essence)

Module 7 - The Amazing Power of The Serenity Field

You'll learn how to create a "Serenity Field" (a powerful field of Divine energy that dissolves negative energies of all kinds) to energize your own home or office.  Imagine each day you wake, your home feels light and inspired. Your family and friends will notice this shift from the very first day you "activate" it with your intent.

Once you learn how to create a Serenity Field, you can help your friends do the same.  Imagine how that could transform our world, one home at a time!

Module 8 -  How to Start Your Own Serenity Group

Once you've learned the basics of Serenity, you can begin to share the benefits with others.  You'll learn how to sponsor your own Serenity Group (for free) to help uplift and inspire your friends and family members.

You'll learn:

  • How to start your own group
  • How to share the Serenity Breath process
  • How to let people process and clear negative emotions
  • Help people rise above the noise of social media and "bad" news
  • and much more

It's easy to begin and you'll get far more than you give from having your own group. Serenity Groups are growing across the world - and you can tap into the amazing field of energy of people who live from their Hearts and make this world a better place to live.

If you really want to get good at anything, you share it with others - because as you do, you force yourself to master the concept. And you move beyond "concept" into experience.  That's when you expand your skills to a whole new level.

Then you begin to...

Module 9 - Living in Serenity

Once you begin to Master the basics of Serenity, you awake each day into the Serenity Field within you (as well as your home). Even when "problems" pop up, you're automatically reminded to breathe the Serenity Breath and process the feelings you feel.

In other words, every "negative event" is seen as a gift and an invitation to transform and grow.  Your Soul then has the freedom to evolve (the very reason it came into this life!)

You then become a leader by example - living the energy of Serenity for the sheer joy and love of the experience.

From this place of Serenity within you, you are unstoppable.  Your Heart is your guide every step of the way.  The mind steps back and is your servant (not your master).

And you become a beacon of light in this world.

Special Bonuses
(When You Order Now)

Bonus #1 - Serenity Morning (and Evening) Meditations (worth $79)

Morning Meditation
Each day as you wake, you'll use the Serenity Morning Meditation to begin your day. As you practice this simple meditation, you'll feel the re-connection to your Heart and Soul. Any lingering stress dissolves and you'll feel inspired. 

Evening Meditation
Before you go to sleep, you'll use the Serenity Evening Meditation to help relax and move into a deeper state of sleep.  This beautiful calming meditation feels like a breath of fresh spring air as you drift off to sleep.  Each day you practice, you'll create a new "set point" of calm awareness. 

Bonus #2 - The Serenity Process (worth $79)

The Serenity Process will help you get to the CORE of virtually any emotional block or challenge and dissolve it right from the roots. This simple but powerful process helps you move beyond the symptom level and access the power hidden within any pain or struggle. This is the KEY to this amazing process.

We never have a problem without the ability to solve it. Once you experience the Serenity Process, you will have a deep new confidence that you can master any project, setback or obstacle that you encounter!

Bonus #3 - Serenity Monthly Mentor Series (worth $99)

Each month, you'll receive inspiration, support and guidance from many of the world's experts in personal and spititual growth. Authors like:

  • Carol Look (EFT Master)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Thompson (Sound Healing Expert - featured in the movie HEAL)
  • Dr. Greg Hitter (Creator of Self Questing)
  • Rollin McCraty of HeartMath - (Leader in Heart Field Research)
  • Dr. Roger Jahnke - Chi Gong Master and leader in the field of Chi Healing

…and many more experts and visionaries 

NEW Bonus Manifesting From the Heart (worth $49)

When you access the Field of your Heart, old limitations and thoughts dissolve and you step into a whole new world of possibility and wonder. What you'll learn in this new bonus will transform how you think, feel and perceive.  What once seemed difficult or daunting becomes a new adventure of imagination and possibility.

As you experience the new shifts in your life, you'll realize just how much power your Heart actually has. You begin to create new "Neural Networks" in your brain that inspire your mind and body to manifest your intent - in alignment with your Essence.  What an incredible state of being to experience! 

When  you combine this new bonus (and how it helps you raise your vibrational energy) with the Serenity Program, you step into a whole new world of inspired energy and abundance.

Let's Review What You Get

Serenity Program

  • Serenity Course with 9 Life-Changing Modules
  • Bonus 1 - Serenity Morning (and Evening) Meditations
  • Bonus 2 - The Serenity Process 
  • Bonus 3 - Serenity Monthly Mentor Series
  • Bonus 4- Serenity Morning (and Evening) Meditations

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with Serenity than any program you've ever used,
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Paul Bauer

You have my personal promise that The Serenity Program will be one of the most powerful programs you've ever experienced - or your money back.

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