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Spring Manifesting Program 
with Paul Bauer

Are you tired of waiting for your Dreams and goals to materialize? You know - That "big idea" that came to you, the whole vision unveiled itself - you thought to yourself "OMG, this is going to change the world..."

But then... after all that excitement and those incredible feelings that it it gave you, it just seemed to fizzle away (or just didn't happen as you expected).

A big thud of reality hit you and that "big Dream" seemed to go into hiding.

Can you relate?

You're not alone! Big dreamers have one thing in common. Life changing ideas and visions come to you (frequently) - but then doubt, fear and uncertainty step in and end up taking the wind out of your sales. 

And that "big idea" fizzles (or just never quite takes off like you envisioned).

"The Dreamers Dilemma" 

I call it the "Dreamers Dilemma" - and it robs our world of the very solutions and breakthroughs it needs most. It's the reason why so many Dreams never see the light of day.

Countless Dreams just "die on the vine" and never come to fruition.

It doesn't matter how life changing the idea is, because unless you've got someone to help you nurture the seed of your Dreams, you're mind will step in and send all kinds of doubts, fears and uncertainties that will take the wind out of even the most passionate Dreamers sails.

The result?

Frustration, resistance and slowly but surely, the wheels of inspiration and innovation seem to slow to a screeching halt.

But What if...? 

What if there was a way to support and nourish your Dreams (especially in their infancy), and bring them step-by-step into real world form?

And know that you have all the resources that you need to grow and sustain your idea as it blossoms into what you first envisioned (and beyond)?

After watching my company, Dreams Alive, into reality almost 30 years ago, I can tell you that when you've got the right people on your team, anything is possible! I built my company from literally nothing into a multiple seven-figure company beyond what I had envisioned.

And more importantly, thousands discover and nurture their dreams into reality I can help you do the same.

The Key To Making Your Dreams REAL 

The biggest challenge that Dreamers and Visionaries have is keeping their Dreams alive.

Here's the crazy part...

The state you were in when the Dream or vision first came to you doesn't last very long. It came to you from your Heart.  Then you got all excited and started seeing how it would "plug-in" to the real world and then something very strange happened.

You fell out of your Heart into your mind.  

THAT'S were all the problems began...

Unless you have a way to come back into your Heart (and stay there) your Dream simply will not come into reality the way that you first envisioned it.

The Solution To The Dilemma

So I've come up with a special method that helps you stay centered in your heart (and still have access to the intelligence of your mind).

I call it the Heart/Mind Process - it's a game changer for helping you to stay tuned into the inspired energy of your dreams well knowing the exact steps to take to bring them into reality (and sustain the vision day to day).

It can be very difficult to learn and integrate this process so I've decided to work with a small group of people one on one to help them absorb, practice in master this amazing process.

Once I share the direct experience of the Heart/Mind Process with you and you begin to practice it on a daily basis, you will notice dramatic shifts in your awareness, energy and ability to stay inspired.

My New Spring Manifesting Program 

So if you’re looking to: 

  • Dramatically accelerate your manifesting skills
  • Bring more income and abundance into your life
  • Find a new inspiring job
  • Reset your "financial setpoint" (so it stops blocking the flow)
  • Launch a new idea or project 
  • Get your “mojo“ back Clear whatever holds you back from realizing your dreams and passions

… you'll be pleasantly surprised at the amazing shifts and breakthroughs you will experience. Why? Because you'll get past the limitations of your mind and your subconscious blocks that have held you back in the past.

You have enormous talents and energy waiting to be released right now in this moment my friend. Are you willing to let go of your old self and step into the inspired new energy of your future self?

Join my Spring Manifesting program today and we will work together to help clarify your most inspired dreams and goals and turn them into reality.

Here’s what you get: 

One-on-One Personal Coaching Sessions with Me

I will personally work with you to uncover your gifts and talents and build a clear plan that you can use to make your Dreams real. Even you've had challenges manifesting end "making things happen", I will help you bust through any roadblocks or obstacles in turn on your manifesting power.

The Amazing Subconscious Discovery and Release Process 

This is where you will make some of your biggest breakthroughs because your subconscious "holds the keys" to allowing your Dreams to come into reality. If it is not in alignment with your conscious intent, it will slow you down and drain your energy the more you try to move forward.

My New Heart/Mind Process

Developed over 20 years of working with clients, this amazing process will help open the magic within your Heart and bring your mind into alignment with your Heart, so that get the best of both worlds – the intelligence of the mind and and the deep knowing and wisdom of the Heart. 

The Serenity Program (with groundbreaking Serenity app) 

The benchmark program that helps you get into your 'zone of genius" and then state of flow.
It all comes from your Heart - There is magic within you my friend. Are you willing to release it and let it become real?  

Performance Guarantee 

This program is results oriented. And it’s guaranteed. There’s no risk for you because you will get measurable results in less than 30 days (or I will continue to work with you at no cost until you do).

One thing is for sure, if you're committed and you're passionate about your dreams and passions, I will help you make them real!

Choose the option that works for you:

Seed Level 

  • 1 One-on-One personal coaching session with Paul 
  • The amazing Heart/Mind Process
  • The Subconscious Discovery and Release process


Nurture Level

  • Everything in the Seed Level
  • PLUS
  • 3 One-on-One personal coaching sessions with Paul


Growth Level

  • Everything in the Nurture Level
  • PLUS
  • 5 One-on-One personal coaching sessions with Paul


I am honored to be of service to you and look forward to helping you bring your Dreams and visions into reality.

Let's do this!




Q. Does it have to be a big dream? Or can it be something that I long for?

A. The beauty of your dreams and passions have nothing to do with how "big" they are. It's not just about something tangible or something that's going to "change the world". It could be a new relationship, better health, clearing a long-standing issue in yourself or your family. The key is something that moves your Heart and Soul because that's the kind of energy that will keep you going (even when times get tough.)

Q. What if I don't know exactly what I'm looking for? - can you help me discover and develop it?

A. Yes, the key is that you know the feeling of dissatisfaction, longing and disappointment with the results that you've been creating.  I can help you get clarity on your most passionate Dreams and bring them into reality 

About Paul

For over 20 years, Paul has worked with thousands of people across the world discover and live their passions and dreams. 

Paul is Creator of: 
Dream-Minder, Creating Abundance, Secrets of Manifesting, Effortless Manifesting, Awakening Your Imagination, Clear-Mind Meditation Program, Ener-Chi Essential Oils Program, Serenity Program and Serenity HRS App, Heart/Mind Process

Paul's Experience includes:
EFT Certification, AFT (Attractor Field Therapy) Certification, Hypnotherapy Level I through Hypnodyne Foundation, Theta Healing (Level One and Advanced), Essence Method Foundation, Advanced and Mastery levels, Heart /Mind Certification Foundation (Advanced and Mastery levels), Self Questing Certification.