The Keys To Your 2023 Breakthroughs

By Paul Bauer

It’s that time again when we all “re-set” our “internal” time clocks. The time of year when we look ahead to the New Year.

How will 2023 be different for you?

What will be the catalysts that make the shifts that you want most?

Here’s a quick method to making the shifts you want (and how to find the catalysts that make them almost automatic)

1. Look Back (to see more more clearly)

Take out a pen and paper and write down these questions:

1. At first it may seem counter-intuitive, but the first step is to “look back”. Look back to 2022 and notice how it went.

Did it go the way you wanted? 

What things did you learn?

What did 2014 teach you about yourself?

The secrets of making 2023 your best year is to look back to 2022 first – then you’ll begin to “connect the dots”.

Where did you stumble?
Where did you advance?
What did it teach you?

(This is one of the key secrets of your personal evolution – because if you really look deeply into yourself, you will find some of the best lessons you learned came from setbacks, obstacles, challenges or even losses.)

And there’s one of the most vital keys to your personal happiness – the ability to see the gift in these setbacks rather than judging them as “bad” events.

So, write down the above questions and answers. Take your time with is step and you may be pleasantly surprised what you will discover.

2. Envision

After you’ve written down answers to #1, the next step is to be in the present moment. It’s just the very beginning on 2023.

How do you want it to start?

In joy and gratitude?
Wanting and regret?
Clarity and harmony?

Your answer is the the key to making 2023 something you’ll either look back in 2024 and say “Wow!” or “there goes another year that flew by, and what did I really accomplish?”

Write out a little description of your perfect year.

The projects

The people you’ll meet

The challenges you’ll overcome

The breakthroughs you’ll make

… And any other cool things you’d LOVE to experience.

3. Looking Forward...

Now, take time and breathe slowly…

Imagine it’s just after Christmas 2023.

Just before New Year’s parties and celebrations.

What do you want to celebrate from 2023?

What are you grateful for?
What love did you share?
How did you live to your fullest?
What did you let go of that allowed the shifts to happen?

This is your time. Sacred... Special... 

Filled with wonder and delight. Feel the feelings of laughter and gratitude and connecting with people you love and enjoy.

Now that’s a pretty cool way to celebrate 2023 – and to think…

It’s all in front of you…

What new choices will you make?

And how will you celebrate each moment and savor life – one moment at a time?

Blessings of wonder and awe,

Paul Bauer