The Serenity Breath

This simple (but powerful) process helps you re-connect with your Essence.  It takes just a few minutes to do and you can do it anywhere, anytime.

The beauty of this process is it helps you release old energies and emotions that no longer serve you and feel the Light of your Presence.

The Serenity Breath

  1. Close your eyes and take several deep calming breaths...
  2. Now, imagine that it's just before sunrise. As you continue to breathe, you feel the Sun as it begins to rise gently...
  3. Place your hand on your Heart and just breathe into the Light of the Sun
  4. Let this warm loving Light and Presence relax your mind and body 

Take all the time you need an allow yourself to let go and feel...

Breathe in the Love and the Light of that Presence...

Taking all the time you need to feel this Divine Love within you.

This is your core, your Essence

      Ener-Chi Module 1 - Paul Bauer