The Serenity Process

This process allows you to reconnect with your True Self. By allowing yourself to feel your emotions and get in touch with your body, The Serenity Process helps you release old energies and emotions that no longer serve you.

After you release these old emotions and energies you then gain access to your higher wisdom.

Begin by closing your eyes and allow yourself to relax and get in touch with your body and your breath...

  1. Tune in and ask yourself “how do I feel?”
  2. Take several deep slow relaxing breaths and allow yourself to feel your feelings.  Place your hand on your Heart and just breathe into your feelings 
  3. As you get in touch with how you feel, you reconnect with your body and your emotions. The more you allow yourself to feel, the more in touch you become
  4. If any stressful emotions appear, allow yourself to breathe into the center of the emotion.

(explain the centering process)

Take all the time you need an allow yourself to fully feel your emotions

  1. Now, feel your connection to God, Spirit, Creator, the Presence 

Breathe in the Love and the Light of that Presence...

Taking all the time you need to feel this Divine Love within you.

This is your core, your Essence

You’ll know you’re at the center of the emotions because instead of feeling stress, you'll feel a state of peace

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