You Get What You Give

By Paul Bauer

If there’s a part of your life where you want or need more, this article may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

There are basic laws of the universe that strongly affect our ability to create what we want in life. If you try to skip these basic laws (or think they don’t apply to you) things won’t turn out the way you planned. (Sounds like a song from the 70s. 😀)

Quite often, the more you ignore these basic laws, the more stress it creates for you and throws you off your intended course.

But there is good news…

Years ago when I taught a course on manifesting, I realized there was one key element that dramatically affects our ability to manifest what we want most.

And this one thing affects every part of your life. It determines whether you are sad or happy. It controls how you feel. It affects the choices you make. It controls how much money you make (and how you feel about your finances.) And art controls how much love you feel from others and within yourself.

In fact, even when you do “all the right things“ to create what you want in life, this one thing determines whether you actually create it (or have the capacity for it to stay in your life).

This one element connects to everything you love and hold most sacred. The more that you are in touch with it, the more joy it brings you. And the more joy you feel creates the very energetic vibration that attracts what you want most.

What’s this one thing?

It’s the ability to let go of the mind (and tap into the limitless powers of the Heart.)

For most people, it’s a two-step process because our minds are filled with distractions and it’s difficult to calm it’s normally restless state. (Especially in today’s busy and uncertain world.)

So the first step is to calm the restless mind. If you were unable to do this, “all bets are off” because let’s say you try to manifest something in your life and your mind is unsettled.

You Get What You Give

What will happen is you send out that unsettled vibration that others can feel. Yes, people can actually feel if you are “attached to the outcome”. Whether it be in love, career, finances, relating to your kids, etc.

But the real key is how you communicate with your own thoughts and feelings. If you love yourself and give even your most challenging thoughts and emotions the love they need the most, you’ll receive a much more harmonic response then if you try to “push ahead“ and “get” what you want.

For the achievers in the world, that’s not always the message they want to hear. I know, I played that game for many years and sometimes it looked like it “worked”. But something strange happened along the way…

Even after some of my biggest achievements, I felt something wasn’t quite right. I felt a hollow feeling. Just the opposite of the happiness that I thought that “getting” what I wanted was going to give me.

What happened? I was out of balance. What I wanted didn’t give me the thing I actually needed. But it brought me to the next step.

The Next Phase of Giving

Something wonderful happens when your reason for giving is the sheer joy in giving itself. I don’t mean donating necessarily. I mean the energy you give (to yourself and others.)

Ask yourself,

       “How would I feel if someone was sending me the messages that I send to myself?”

If you’re honest with yourself, you have some interesting moments (or even days) when you’re not at your best and you judge yourself and feel feelings like disappointment, anger, envy, or fear (to name a few). Now let’s be clear, it’s not that you’ll never feel those feelings, the key is that when you feel them, can you step back and just “be“ with those feelings?

In other words, can you be present with your feelings and open your Heart and allow yourself to feel them fully?

Because if you don’t, you will suppress them and create more stress within yourself.

The result? The vibe you send out will be just the opposite of the one that you Originally intended.

"Please explain…?"

Every time you feel frustrated, disappointed, anxious, angry or any other negative emotion and you don’t take the time to process that feeling and love that part of yourself that feels it, you set up a vibration that others can feel.

This explains why you sometimes don’t get what you want. Because as today’s message states, You get what you give”.

As William Tiller used to say “Manifesting is always teaching you a better way to manifest. If you’re not creating what you want, it’s teaching you to let go and choose another way“.

Here’s what you can do today

So starting today, if you want to manifest what you want more efficiently, tune in to how you feel first. If you’re feeling “out of sorts“ or you feel tense or anxious, it’s your body‘s way of saying “I need your help“. If you jump ahead without paying attention to this feeling first, your intentions will have unintended consequences.

In other words, even if you create some of what you want, the intent you send will have a strange feeling attached to it

So especially if it’s something important to you, take time to focus your thoughts and your feelings. By doing so, you harmonize your mind and Heart and in so doing you shift your vibration. Need proof that this works? Ask any good friend who is willing to tell you the truth and they will tell you the “vibe” that you’re putting off.

Or the Universe will tell you by the results you create...

The Best Reason to Calm The Restless Mind

When you think about it, the universe is saying to you “If you really really want this thing you say you want, the more clear you are in your intention, the more clear the vibe you send to the world“.

So yes, the more “mindful” you are and the more connected to your Heart you feel, the clearer your intentions are.

That’s why the phrase “You get what you give” is so powerful. If you want more love, give more love.

If you want more friends, be a good friend. If you want more abundance, give more abundance.

And if you want more peace within yourself, well you know the rest…

May your Heart and mind be filled with the love and radiance of life itself.

So be it now…

Paul Bauer

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