Need Help Re-Setting Your Financial Setpoint?
(and clear the blocks that hold you back)?

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the video above: 

What is financial setpoint and why is it so important? (4:10 mark)

How does it limit what you can earn (and save)? (7 min mark)

What creates your setpoint limits? (16:50 mark)

What is "FICO stress" and how does it affect your financial life? (19 minute mark)

How to get past self judgment of how much you have (21:30 mark)

What is financial trauma and how does it affect your setpoint (21:51 mark)

How do you reset your financial setpoint? (23:02 mark)

How do your beliefs affect your setpoint? (25:27 mark)

How much of your power do you give away when it comes to money? (29 minute mark)

What beliefs did you create that formed your setpoint? (33 Min mark)