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Episode #7 - Mary O'Malley
A Story of Resilience: Her Inspirational
Journey to Healing and Wholeness

Mary O'Malley 
A Story of Resilience: Her Inspirational
Journey to Healing and Wholeness

Back in June 2019, I stumbled upon an amazing author who dramatically impacted my life. Her name is Mary O'Malley, and she's written several remarkable books. One that particularly resonates with me is called "What's in the Way Is the Way." This book is a game-changer, revealing the truth of how our problems are messengers and invitations for deep and lasting growth - instead of blocking the way or holding us back.

In our interview, Mary shared her powerful story of overcoming a traumatic upbringing, including the pivotal conversation that changed her life, the epiphany that shifted her perspective, and how connecting with her heart became the key to healing—revealing profound insights into the magic of presence, the surprising ways the heart senses information, and the ultimate spiritual practice of welcoming.

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May your Heart and mind be filled with the love and radiance of life itself.

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