Paul Bauer Podcasts

Episode 7 - Mary O'Malley - A Story of Resilience: Her Inspirational Journey to Healing and Wholeness

Mary OMalley shares her powerful story of overcoming a traumatic upbringing,  the epiphany that shifted her perspective, and how connecting with her Heart became the key to healing—revealing profound insights into the magic of presence, the surprising ways the Heart senses information, and the ultimate spiritual practice of welcoming.

Mary O'Malley

Episode 5 -Dr. Roger Jahnke - The Healing Power of Chi

Dr. Roger Jahnke, a leading expert in Qigong, Tai Chi, and Chinese medicine, shares his insights into the healing power of Qi (energy). He explains how these ancient practices can be used to optimize energy and promote overall well-being

Episode 6 - Rollin McCraty - The Power of HRV

Listen in as Rollin McCraty discusses heart coherence and its profound impact on health.  Learn how achieving heart coherence can improve emotional regulation, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. 

Episode 3 - Carol Look - Using EFT to Optimize Your Energy

In an engaging interview with Carol Look, an EFT Master, she delves into the transformative power of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for unleashing your radiance and optimizing energy flow. She also, also reveals how to use EFT to enhance your abundance.

Episode 4 - Dr Alberto Villoldo - The Secrets of the Shamans

Dr. Alberto Villoldo reveals the energy secrets of the Shamans, ancient healers who use nature-based practices to promote well-being. He discusses how optimal nutrients can activate your inner healer, providing a transformative approach that combines traditional wisdom with modern science.

Episode 1 - Greg Hitter - Unleashing Your Inner Radiance

Greg Hitter, Ph.D., a renowned psychologist and spiritual healer, guides you on a transformative journey. Discover how to heal soul fragments and understand the deeper meaning of pain as you tap into your inner radiance. Prepare for a profound exploration into wholeness and well being.

Episode 2 - Dr Jeffrey Thompson - The Power of Sound to Heal your Mind and Body 

Join us as we delve into the profound realm of sound healing and its transformative effects on mind and body. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a renowned expert in the field, unveils his amazing breakthroughs in utilizing sound to address and heal stress at the mind-body level. 

May your Heart and mind be filled with the love and radiance of life itself.

So be it now…

Paul Bauer