Paul Bauer Podcast

Episode #8 - Melissa Oatman
Embracing Grief: A Journey to 
Inner Peace and Healing

Navigating Grief and Loss: Insights from Healer
and Author Melissa Oatman

Melissa is a healer, channeler, spiritual teacher, and intuitive. She hosts Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness, a weekly podcast dedicated to improving peoples lives and deepening their spirituality.

She's the author of two books. Beautifully Broken, the spiritual woman's guide to thriving after a divorce or break up, and Beautiful Mourning: a Guide to Life After Loss. She’s a single mother of twins and is passionate about helping others heal and helping them find a life that they love.

More on Melissa's work at -

And her new book Beautiful Mourning

May your Heart and mind be filled with the love and radiance of life itself.

So be it now…

Paul Bauer