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Heart Centered Coaching

The rightful balance of Heart and mind brings about a state of inner peace, centeredness and clarity that the mind alone cannot create.

The best artists, CEO's, athletes, teachers, healers and people with love for humanity all have something in common. Each has the ability to access the power of their Heart - which gives them expanded energy and clarity of mind.

The Return of the Age of the Heart 

Mankind has struggled for centuries to find peace.  But that peace cannot be found outside ourselves, it can only come from within. The time has come to celebrate the Return of the Age of The Heart!

People from around the world are awakening to the sleeping giant of wisdom and love deep within them. 

Your Heart gives you access to higher dimensions of love, healing, abundance and connection to all life. 

The Amazing Power of the Heart Field

The Heart generates a field far more powerful and transformative than the mind. This field contains wisdom, healing energy, access to the Infinite.

When you awaken your Heart, literally everything in your life transforms. You no longer see life through the limited lens of the mind.  Instead, you see life as a gift and your emotional resilience dramatically increases. What used to trigger you instead brings you back into the present moment and the feeling of being connected to all of life 

All of us have profound healing powers hidden within our Hearts. Even though our cultures have worshipped the mind, millions now realize that you cannot find true peace and fulfillment within it.

Real fulfillment comes from within your Heart - and the Heart/Mind program helps you re-discover this amazing beacon of light and love that you can access every moment of your day.

Barb Kohovec

"The breakthroughs I have experienced with Paul's Heart/Mind Coaching are more affective than
years of standard therapy."

"The breakthroughs I have experienced with Paul's Heart/Mind Coaching are more affective than years of standard therapy.  I have released layers of negative emotions and guards around my heart.  My practice has transformed more than I could've imagined by practicing the Heart/Mind program.  I'm incredibly grateful for this life-changing program!"

 ~ Barb Kohovec, Pilates Trainer,  Elmhurst, IL

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Paul Bauer

Paul Bauer - Founder of Heart/Mind Coaching

For too long, mankind has relied upon the mind and ignored incredible power of the Heart.  We are now entering into the "Age of the Heart". This is a time of great discovery and transformation. Instead of looking for validation and recognition from the outside, people from across the world are awakening to their inner powers through Heart.

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