The Release Process

Intro Lesson

Full Process

When negative emotions begin to build up in your mind and body, they begin to create a level of "background" stress. This background stress is like a slow cooking pot. At first you don't even notice it but as time goes on, the pressure begins to build.

Eventually, the pressure needs to release. And that release of pressure shows itself as symptoms like pain, tension, tightness, feeling out of balance, etc. The more you avoid the symptoms through drugs, coping mechanisms, addictions etc., the more they will fester. And eventually they will create physical breakdown and dis-ease.

The Release Process will help you get to the heart of any negative emotion and release it from the root. Instead of working at the surface, the release process helps you go beyond the symptoms so you can get to the core and release it and regain the energy that it was draining from you.

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